The ecstasy of sence

Artist Chen Danyang cooperated with curator Wei Xing in this project. Chen Danyang has devoted to the series of works  named Well-Tempered of Bach for ten years. This is a time period that compacts reason and order. Bach’s music is just a trigger, so that people can find a visual image corresponding to reading. Wei xing payed attention to the spatial arrangement. Therefore, when visiters entre the main exhibition room, they can see a room of 3x3x3(m), and there 3 colour television embedded in the walls. It makes visiters’ perception and feeling reach saturation and then experience a rational fainting. When talking about the second exhibition room, there will be several new art works, most of which are in middle tones, occasionally in high or low tones. Colourful spots on the cavas are divided into different groups of levels, just like the colour lumps made up of musical note revolving around the main hue. Well-Tempered of Bach is just like the starry sky, which is formed by the miracle of loneliness.

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