BIG CHARACTERS —— JuAnqi solo exhibition

Ten kilometers above the ground, an aerialviewfrom Google Earth over a depopulated zone in eastern Xinjiang reveals thirty colossal Chinese characters and one exclamation markin the bleak Gobi desert. Each character measures the size of a soccer field. Built from huge moundsofexcavated earth, these characters form several slogansfrom the Cultural Revolution Era. In 1968, a secret military airport was built here and these phrases functioned as navigational markers. The film surveys these charactersand then transitions fromthis endlessearthen rubble to utopian visions and images of the waves of protestsoccurring around the world in 1968. Some show suppression of uprisings while others show protests forming. Through synchronized editing, these significant movements and events in different countries reveal to us the conflict that never stops.

The exhibition closes on April 18, 2016. Being 3 Gallery welcomes all visitors.

JuAnqi was born in Ürümqi,Xinjiang, in 1975. He is one of China’s most recognized filmmakers and cross-media artists, both nationally and internationally. He studied in the Department of Directing at the Beijing Film Academy. A recipient of numerous awards, Ju's works have been presentedat over 30 film festivals and many art institutions around the world, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art and the Lincoln Center in New York. In 2008, Ju producedhis directorial debut There is a Strong Wind in Beijingon film stock that had expired eight years earlier. The film was selected for the Berlin International Film Festival and has becomea milestone for Chinese experimental cinema. With an unconventional narrative, his latest film Poet ona Business Trip (2015) has received international acclaim. Renowned film critic Tony Raynshas describedJu as an important creative force in cinema. As a cross-media artist, Ju Anqialso applies unique approaches and ideas to his creative practice in a variety of mediums. 

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