China-Spain ART FORUM MADRID          ARCO’17





第二届中西美术馆长论坛 – 2017 马德里 * 西班牙






The China-Spain ART FORUM opens a space for communication and learning between the two countries through a series of presentations where representatives from different museums and Spanish institutions are invited to present and discuss their approaches related to the problems that today poses the Art and Culture World, from experience and from knowledge, becoming a meeting point and discussion between the guests and the audience.

中西美术馆长论通过一系列演讲,为来自不同博物馆和西班牙机构的代表提出和讨论他们与当今构成艺术和文化世界的问题的方法,为两国之间的交流和学习打开了一个空间。 从经验和知识,成为一个聚会点和客人和观众之间的讨论。


Through positioning the field of arts and culture as a strategic and crosscutting element of society, the lecture series provides valuable ideas aimed to review and refine scheduling museums opening a space for listening and analyzing reflections of different cultural managers. The review of specific issues in each case allows the various professionals invited to share knowledge in one place and transmit to the audience complete and generalized guidelines.






The lecture series provides a platform for dialogue, debate and criticism, which brings together leading experts, for reflections on pragmatic and theoretical issues currently being discussed in the field of arts. The theme of the conference will be aimed at guiding China professionals in its technical and artistic management.



Thus creates an interdisciplinary space to clarify concepts about art and creation, generating common reflections and pointing new institutional guidelines.




Specific objectives:



  • Orientation in artistic programming by curators and professionals
  • 定位在策展人及职业在艺术项目定位


  • Raising general guidelines and organizational strategies
  • 提出总体指导方针和和组织战略


  • Development of educational workshops, seminars and lectures
  • 发展教育研讨会,专题讨论会和讲座


  • The importance of a personal collection and how to manage it
  • 私人收藏重要性和如何运营


  • Selection Committees in collections
  • 选择收藏委员会


  • External collaborations with other museums and loans of works
  • 与其他美术馆外部合作和贷款的作品


  • Planning issues, sponsorship strategies and dissemination of knowledge will be discussed.
  • 将讨论规划问题,赞助策略和知识传播




·       Theme of  Forum :  Pluralism & Interdisciplinary


论坛主题 : 多元与跨学科










Speakers from Spain:



  • Ms. Begoña TORRES GONZÁLEZ, General Deputy Director of Fine Arts, Spanish Ministry of Culture
  • 当代艺术副总监 ,西班牙文化部副部长


  • Mr. Evelio ACEVEDO, Director of Thyssen Bornemisza Museum
  • 提森美术馆馆长


  • Mr. Javier GONZALEZ de DURANA, Professor, former director of Artium, TEA and Balenciaga Museums
  • 前由巴斯克当代艺术中心、茶和巴黎世家美术馆馆长


  • Mr. Miguel SOLER ROIG, Chairman and director of ARS FUNDUM Collection, Madrid


Other presenters will be confirmed

  • 西班牙艺术养老基金会主席 -- 米格尔




Schedule and Contents



It will take place in Spain during ARCO International Art Fair 20th to 26th of February, 2017 Organized by ARS FUNDUM and Being 3 Gallery. Arrival to Madrid Monday February 20th.

西班牙艺博会 ( 2017年2月20日至26日 ) -- 由西班牙养老基金会及在三画廊联合举办


FIRST DAY, Monday February 20th

第一天: 2月20日 ( 周一 )


Morning  Arrival to Madrid, Briefing and Presentations at Hotel

早上抵达马德里 – 酒店简报

12:00-16:00      VIP invitation to the opening of Santander Art Foundation


20:00    VIP Dinner at private collector’s home TS (to be confirmed)

          私人藏家家庭贵宾晚宴 ( 待定 )


SECOND DAY, Tuesday February 21st

第二天: 2月21日 ( 周二 )

9:00      Breakfast Parador Alcala de Henares


10:00    Morning conference starts in Parador Alcala de Henares


12.00    Round table Press Conference


13:00    Lunch (to be confirmed)

            午餐 ( 待定 )

15:30     Visit to Museums in Madrid (Thyssen-Bornemisza, Reina Sofia, Prado)

            参观马德里当地美术馆 ( 提森、雷恩 索菲亚、普拉达美术馆)

20:00    VIP Dinner at private collector’s home (to be confirmed)

          私人藏家家庭晚宴 ( 待定 )


THIRD DAY, Wednesday February 22nd

第三天: 2月22日 ( 周三 )


9:15      Bus to ARCO Art Fair


10:00    VIP Breakfast at ARCO


11.00    VIP Morning visit ARCO


13:30    Reception and VIP Lunch offered by Sponsor


17.00     VIP Afternoon guided visit ARCO


21:00    VIP Sponsor’s Dinner at Museum (to be confirmed) 

             于美术馆举办赞助商招待贵宾晚宴 ( 待定 )


FOURTH DAY, Thursday February 23rd

第四天: 2月23日 ( 周四)


10:00    Visit ARS FUNDUM Collection


13:30          Lunch Portia Vineyards, Ribera del Duero

             午餐于 波西亚葡萄园,杜埃罗河岸

17:30    Fast Train to Barcelona


20:30    Arrival to Barcelona


21:30    VIP Dinner at private collector’s home (to be confirmed)

            私人藏家家庭贵宾晚宴 ( 待定 )


FIFTH DAY, Friday February 24th

第五天: 2月24日 ( 周五 )


10:00    Visit Gaudi Buildings


14:00    Lunch Reial Cercle Artistic 

             午餐于Reial Cercle的艺术

16:30    Press Conference at Reial Cercle Artistic 

            于Reial Cercle的艺术 新闻发布会

18:00    Visit Picasso Museum


21:00    VIP Dinner at private collector’s home (to be confirmed)

            私人藏家家庭晚宴 ( 待定 )


SIXTH DAY, Saturday February 25th

第六天: 2月25日 ( 周六 )

10:00    Visit MACBA Museum 


14:00    Lunch (to be confirmed)

            午餐 ( 待定 )

16:30    Free Afternoon Shopping


21:00     Farewell Dinner (to be confirmed)

            告别晚宴 ( 待定 )


SEVENTH DAY, Sunday February 26th

第七天: 2月26日 ( 周七 )


All day Return Flights to China 搭机回北京


( PS. 本次论坛会务组将为参加者提供:

  • 全程免费豪华巴士接送
  • 贵宾待遇的VIP午餐,各类豪华晚宴和私人藏家特别家庭晚宴











Ars Fundum, and Being 3 Gallery, work together to create a project team that includes:



Academic Administration: to work closely with curators and directors from Museums of both countries and plan the whole process in the forums;

学术行政 : 与参会的各个美术馆馆长及策展人密切合作,以便规划和实践论坛的所有流程


-        PR & Marketing Management: to work with PR companies and media to expand the influence of the forums;

媒体公关及市场管理: 与公关媒体公司紧密合作,共同扩大论坛的影响力


Business Development and Sponsors’ Service: to generate sponsors and space owners to make sure we will have enough budget and places to be a permanent art forum platform between China and Spain, even worldwide;


  • Logistics and Audience Services: Security, travel agency management, conference

management, etc.

 物流及观众服务: 保安、旅行社管理,会议管理等。



The Benefit for Sponsors and/or Investors


  • Set up a high tie and important entrance to top art and culture markets in China and Spain;

-         建立最高最重要中国和西班牙的最高艺术文化市场


  • Loyalty contributions to art and culture of both countries through most effective exchange;

-         通过最有效的交流获得对两国艺术和文化的贡献的忠诚;


  • Most effective way to identify the brand name of sponsors in the industry;

-         使赞助商品牌被认同为是同一行业最重要品牌名称的最有效方式


  • Sponsors will have top level art consulting services;

-         赞助商有世界上最高级别艺术咨询服务


  • Sponsors could have the possibility to collect most important artworks at lowest cost;

-         赞助商主人和赞助商主要经营者拥有收集艺术作品最低消费的可能性


  • Best social platform, meeting most important curators, artists and collectors in the world.

-         最好的社交平台,知晓世界上最重要策展人,艺术家和收藏家


Ars Fundum and Being 3 Gallery have kept discussing China-Spain ART FORUM for more than 2 years and the thinking about and around it has been quite mutual and waiting for kick off.



Being 3 Gallery has also successfully hold Biennale Italy - China for 4 editions in the last


5 years. Once the Forum starts, both sides will generate most important resources from China and Spain, even Europe, to support it and make it a major brand in art market in the world.

北京在三画廊同样成功把握意大利威尼斯双年展 - 中国在上4届5年。一旦论坛开始,双方产生最重要资源来自中国西班牙甚至欧洲,支持并使其成为主要艺术品牌在世界。


The first edition of China-Spain ART FORUM was held last year in Beijing on November 22nd-24th. This initiative will be celebrating future editions in the following years in rotating cities around China and Spain. (Press reviews:

第一届中西美术馆长论坛于20161122日至24日召开。 这次的首创将成为未来几年在中国及西班牙延展城市的庆祝版本。


PROGRAM EXTENSION(Possible future editions will be specified) On going Forums Plan:

活动延续 -- (未来可能将被指定延展的城市) 持续论坛计划:



China-Spain ART FORUM Shanghai'17: November, 2017 (during 2017 ART021 SHANGHAI)

中西艺术论坛-上海:2017年11(于上海艺博会期间 )


China-Spain ART FORUM Barcelona'18: February, 2018 (during ARCO'18)

中西艺术论坛-巴塞罗那 2018‘:2018年2月( 于18年ARCO艺博会期间)


China-Spain ART FORUM Hong Kong'18: March, 2018 (during ART BASEL HK 2018)

中西艺术论坛-香港2018‘:2018年3月( 于18年香港巴塞尔艺博会期间)

China-Spain ART FORUM New York'18: May, 2018, New York & Hudson City (during FRIEZE NY 2018)

中西艺术论坛-纽约2018‘:2018年5月( 于18年纽约&哈德森城市-弗里兹艺博会期间)


China-Spain ART FORUM Bilbao'19: February, 2019 (during ARCO'19)

中西艺术论坛-2019毕尔巴鄂‘:2019年2月( 于19年ARCO艺博会期间)


China-Spain ART FORUM New York'19: May, 2019, New York & Hudson City (during FRIEZE NY 2019)

中西艺术论坛-2019纽约‘:2019年5月( 于19年纽约&哈德森艺博会期间)


China-Spain ART FORUM Guangzhou'19: November, 2019 (during Guangzhou Art Fair 2019)

中西艺术论坛-2019广州‘:2019年11月( 于19年广州艺博会期间)








China y España abren una nueva puerta a los intercambios entre sus museos


Pekín, 22 nov (EFE).- China y España abrieron hoy una nueva puerta a los intercambios entre sus comunidades museísticas con la inauguración de un nuevo foro en Pekín dedicado especialmente a este sector, que se llevará en los próximos cinco años a las principales ciudades de ambos países. Representantes del mundo de la cultura china y española abrieron este martes la primera edición de este nuevo diálogo, el Foro Artístico China-España, con discusiones sobre la gestión de estas instituciones en el museo de arte contemporáneo Today Art de Pekín.


"Principalmente la idea es que participen los museos para hacer intercambio entre sus exposiciones y fomentar sobre todo las exposiciones de artistas españoles en China y de artistas chinos en España", resumió en declaraciones a Efe Miguel Soler-Roig, director de Ars Fundum y uno de los creadores de la nueva iniciativa.


Soler-Roig participó hoy en el evento junto a la subdirectora general de Bellas Artes del Ministerio de Cultura de España, María Begoña Torres González, la directora del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Ibiza (MACE), Elena Ruiz Sastre, o el director del museo que acogió el encuentro, Gao Peng, así como la directora artística de la galería Being 3, Mianbu, de la que nació la idea de crear este foro.


"Se trata de un diálogo y el diálogo es el primer paso: necesitamos llevar más allá la comunicación, empezar a conocernos y entonces podremos seguir hablando. Quizá podamos cooperar en un futuro", comentaba en declaraciones a Efe el director del Today Art Museum tras las primeras conversaciones.















Participantes en el Today Art Museum de Pekín


En el encuentro, Gao se mostró muy interesado en el funcionamiento del Museo Reina Sofía de Madrid y comentó que su centro había mantenido contacto con el Thyssen. "Muchos grandes artistas son españoles y esperamos que cada vez un mayor número de personas en China conozca el arte de este país", destacó. A pesar de las diferencias en cuanto a la escala o "las raíces culturales", la directora del MAEC de Ibiza consideró que todos los museos "son primos hermanos", por lo que valoró positivamente este tipo de iniciativas para compartir experiencias.


"Enriquece mucho ver otras perspectivas. Cosas que otros han hecho y a nosotros no se nos ocurre (...) Me parece muy interesante", manifestó. En concreto, Elena Ruiz se sintió especialmente atraída por el programa didáctico del museo chino, como las actividades ligadas a la "noche en el museo", a dormir en este centro cultural: "Ese es un sueño que quiero realizar", subrayó.


Esta primera edición del foro se prolongará hasta el día 24 de este mes, con la organización de otras charlas y la inauguración de la exposición "Escenarios de Ensueño" de Soler-Roig, y ya se ha establecido un calendario para los próximos años: en febrero se llevará a la feria ARCO de Madrid y posteriormente a las ciudades de Shanghái, Barcelona, Bilbao o Hong Kong. EFE




Same theme joint exhibitions


There will be some joint exhibitions involving artists from China and Spain, to support the Forum in Museums, Galleries or connected institutions in the future. People can have much more specific and realistic topics based on the exhibitions as well as the status and both countries’ contemporary art.



Art Prize of China – Spain Art Forum


Most probably after the third edition, the Art Forum will raise a prize program for the contemporary artists from both countries, to encourage most talented art creativities and expand the influence of the Forum. This prize will use the influence of the participating Museums and will be one of the most important art prizes in China and Spain.



Specific agreements with Sponsors



China-Spain ART FORUM will count with ongoing agreements with important sponsors to support future celebrations in the coming years. The events will bring together curators, artists, collectors and entrepreneurs.




Main sponsors involved in the project:      Ample Power Investments, Hong Kong


BNP Paribas, Madrid

Poly Auctions, Beijing


Paradores de España, Madrid

西班牙普拉多 马德里


With the collaboration of:            Instituto Cervantes, Beijing


China Daily, Beijing

中国日报 北京

Artnet, Beijing


Reial Cercle Artistic, Barcelona

Reial Cercle Artistic,巴塞罗那

Federación Española del Vino, Madrid

Federación Española del Vino 马德里

Bodegas Portia (Grupo Faustino), Logroño

Bodegas Portia,洛格罗尼奥

Peking University, Beijing


CAFA Museum, Beijing


ARS FUNDUM Collection, Madrid

Being 3 Gallery, Beijing





BEING 3 GALLERY                                                                                                                                ARS FUNDUM

3 Plastic Factory Cultural Park , No.129 NanGao Rd.


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