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Art Consulting Services

To Collectors: AtArt provides professional, international academical senior art consulting services, satisfices collectors’ will and safety investment. 

To Institutes: AtArt provides a professional consulting service to interpret, exhibit and operate your artworks.

Art Marketing Platform

For Collectors and Institutes: You can visit, AtArt at Amazon, AtArt at, AtArt at to collect your favorite arts.

For Artists: You can upload your works to our local website by an agreement, it’s also available now for you to upload your works to AtArt @ Amazon, AtArt @ Artprise, AtArt @ AtArt @ publishing your works worldwide.

One Stop Service of Art Exhibitions

The team of AtArt has host many exhibitions at Being3 Gallery and many other large international exhibitions, such as 2014 Biennale China-Italia, and has professional and mature experience about running art exhibitions. 

Artist: By using AtArt with an agreement, you can get services of artistic critiques, media outreach, recommendation to collectors, all exhibition related things and other high quality resources.

Curator: By using AtArt with an agreement, you can get services of artistic critiques, media outreach, recommendation to collectors, curation, decoration and move out and other high quality resources.

Art Center

Provide public space for art exhibitions to visit.

Provide public space for art activities to visit.

Art Media Center

Provide original articles

Art news reporting

Comment and interviews, albums and literatures.

Art Program Financing Operations.

Investment Institutions invest art projects by AtArt team, will be rewarded a handsome profit in both society and market.

Sponsors invest art projects by AtArt team, will improve social influence and advertising benefit.

Art Space Rent

The first site of AtArt is the former site of Being3 gallery at 798 Art District in Beijing, has opened to all the artists, curators, hosting institutes and individuals. AtArt is essentially inheriting both art and academic traditions, AtArt will be targeted:

Artists: By delivering art exhibition application, reviewed by the art committee, sign the rent contract, will host your own solo show at AtArt.

Curators: By delivering art exhibition application, reviewed by the art committee, sign the rent contract, will host your own solo show at AtArt.

Institutes and individuals: By delivering art exhibition application, reviewed by the AtArt and sign the rent contract you will be able to host your own activity at a place with rich artistic spirits

Art Import and Export Trading

Relying on National Base for International Culture Trade, AtArt provides one stop service of the art import and export, including in declaring at the Customs, transferring and setting.

Art Community

You can vote and post new topic here and welcomed to communicate here. You are important for me of your ideas, and thoughts.

High quality art consulting team 

= expertise + seniority + internationalization + academic standard


❶ Expertise: Most of our art consultants were graduated from art institutes. Some focuses on art history, and some focuses on art markets. Interpreting and assessing art works from a professional perspective, we provide the strongest investment safety guarantee for collectors.

❷ Seniority: Our art consultants have more than a decade of experience in managing art galleries and art museums. Through persistently making great efforts in the field, they hosted a considerable number of  large exhibitions. Our seniority can provide customers with art works of great quality.

❸ Internationalization: Working for art organizations and collectors from all around the globe, a large number of our art consultants are from european countries with traditional school art, some have experiences in studying the United States and Britain. We connect with the international art market seamlessly.

❹ Academic Standard: Not only do we provide art consulting services, we also create the art history with artists, art collector and art organizations. In fact, the very core of our professional consulting team is consist  philosophers, poets, art dealers, lawyers, as well as art scholars. We attempt to consistently explore the possibilities of the progress of modern art history , and provide key contents for modern art history.


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