Li Bo

Li Bo

06/1982  Born in Beijing, Currently lives and works in Beijing



07/2006  Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Art Department of Murals


Solo Exhibition

02/2012   Pull away under the Blank , galleryyang,beijing

01/2011 Love Trace,liada gallery.singapore

12/2009  Exit- Li Bo print exhibition, Beijing, China

12/2009  Li Bo Solo Exhibition, J Chen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

12/2008  A Little Tenderness, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing,China

10/2008  Flesh in Revolution , Olivia Oriental, London,UK

12/2007  Indulsging The Senses with An Unconventional Vision---Solo Exhibition of  Li Bo  ,Gallery J. Chen, Taiwan

07/2007  Long Hair No Hair, Beijing Art Now Gallery[Shanghai],China


Group Exhibition

07/2013   Atypical  gallery   Beijing  space,Beijing

06/2013   Metaphor of human body  Amelie Art Gellery,Beijing

06/2013   Individual growth: the power of Contemporary Art -- Contemporary Art Exhibition   ,Tianjin Fine Arts Museum,Tianjin

05/2013 Art and society -- Chinese contemporary art document Exhibition,,shenzhen

03/2013 Visual rhetoric mixed -- the young generation,Suzhou jinji lake art museum

01/2013 Human food -- the United Nations World Food Program to fight world hunger 50 Anniversary Theme Art Exhibition,beijing



07/2011 The next big star   ,taipei

 03/2011  The  3rd stall keeper show –EXTRACT    C5 art  ,Beijing  

10/2010Invisible Wings, Times Art Museum, Beijing

09/2010 conquered, Yang Art Center, Beijing

09/2010 Forget Art Longquan bath,

 08/2010a small step forward in Beijing - Experimental Contemporary Art Exhibition of Youth, 798 Creative Square Metal Library

07/2010the Beijing Youth Art Market - " I am ... ... ", Tian An Center for the Arts, Beijing

06/2010 New view - Lotto cross-border cooperation with the youth representatives Artists Exhibition

04/2010 Reshaping History - “New Youth China Art Invitation Exhibit”                        Today Art Museum  Beijing

01/2010Stand - stall the second time, the West Five Arts Centre, Beijing

01/2010  "Indeterminate possibilities" Songzhuang Art Gallery

10/2009  Street Shopping, Shang Pu Art Museum, Beijing, China

03/2009  3.1415926……, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China

Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Art 2009

 2009 Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club will be the first anniversary of Chinese Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition │ Beijing, China

06/2008  Passing through (an exhibition of trends in Chinese contemporary art) Art 39th Basel, Basel, Switzerland

03/2008  Starting Now , Beijing Art Now Gallery,Beijing,China

02/2008  Viva Lolita, Maddox arts Gallery, London,UK

11/2007  Fragmentation, Dimensions Art Center, Creek Art Center, Beijing, China

09/2007  Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China

03/2007  Artnow Shanghai, Beijing Art Now Gallery[Shang Hai], Shanghai

09/2006  Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi, China

08/2006  Naughtiness, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing,China

09/2004  Pingyao International Photography Festival,Pingyao, Shanxi, China

Art Fair
05/2009  The 9th Art Hongkong, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hong Kong
04/2009  Art Beijing 2009 Contemporary Art Fair,Agricultural Exhibition Centre Beijng, China
10/2008  Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair,Shanghai,China
02/2008  ARCO’08, Madrid, Spain
12/2007  Art Basel Miami Beach 2007, Miami, America
09/2007  Sh Contemporary 07, Shanghai, China
06/2007  Art Taipei---Taipei International Art Exposition, Taipei, Taiwan
05/2007  CIGE 2007, Beijing, China

06/2008  Awarded the "Rising Star" in Basel
02/2007  Pierre Cardin Art Exhibition "Best Foreign Artist" , Paris, France
07/2006  Awarded first prize of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2006
05/2006  Awarded the "School of Light" Art Heritage Award in Central Academy of Fine Arts