Su Rui

Su Rui
Born in Qingdao, Shandong province
Living and working in Suzhou

2008: TOGETHER International Art Exhibition sponsored by the Korean
Culture Center stationed in China
2008: First National Youth Fine Brushwork Exhibition sponsored by Chinese
National Art Gallery
2008: invited by the British TYNE & WEAR MUSEUM to NEWCASTIE to
exhibition; his works are collected by the museum
2008: (South Korea) Beijing Qin Shan Gallery INK BANQUET exhibition
2009: First “The Earl of Cromer Scholarship Awards for the Best
Contemporary Chinese Artists” exhibition in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
2010: First National Modern Fine Brushwork Exhibition
2011: The Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition
2012: Italy China Biennale Monza Italy[言1] 

2013:  Caesar’s Rising Star of Art Exhibition  Today Art Museum

2013:  Su Set The Table For Opera    Being 3 Gallery, Beijing

2014: Memory – China – Italy Biennale, Beijing

2015: Art Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong