Wei Ligang

Wei  Ligang

1964  born in Datong, Shanxi

1981  admitted into the department of mathematics in Nankai University

1985  taught in Taiyuan, began to study Fushan calligraphic style

1995  moved to Beijing Yuanmingyuan painter’s village, became a professional artist, and was invited to be a visiting professor at Qinghua University.

Wei is currently a freelance artist.


2010  Shanghai Contemporary Art Expo., Shanghai Expo. Center

         Jin-Qi 2010 Wei Ligang Shuxiang Creation, Dui Bi Chuang Art Gallery, Shanghai

2010  Wei Ligang New Calligraphy Solo Exbhibition, Carlton Hobbs Gallery, London

2008  Han Palace, Egyptian Wind---New Works by Wei Ligang, Being 3 Art Gallery, Beijing

2007  Zhi Kan---Grand Calligraphy Art by Wei Ligang, China National Museum of Art, Beijing

2006  Calligraphy China Solo Exhibition Series---Wei Ligang, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

          Extreme Running Script---Yin Mei Modern Dance Company guest artist, New York University Theater Department

          Long Menzhen Modern Calligraphy Ten-Artist Group Show, Luoyang Art Museum, Luoyang

          Calligraphy Contemporary China Songzhuang Calligraphy Union Invitation Show, Beijing

2005  Rockefeller Foundation Award Ceremony Exhibition, Liyuan, Hong Kong

          Shu Fei Shu International Contemporary Calligraphy Show, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou

          The First Annual Exhibition of China Contemporary Art, Beijing

          Dao Mo Tu---Wei Ligang, Yang Xiaojian, Xu Jie Calligraphy Group Show, Art Commune, Hong Kong

          Lin San Zhi Bei Grand Calligraphy Show, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing

          Qi Yun Yu Kuo San International Calligraphy Show, Seoul, Korea

2004  Chinese Characters as Resources Art Show, 4A Art Square, Sydney, Australia

          Mo Kuai on Tour---Wei Ligang at Forty, Hongkong-Shenzhen Exhibition Tour, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen

          Labyrinth of Chinese Characters, Today Art Museum, Beijing

          Contemporary Calligraphy Nomination Exhibition, Jiangsu National Painting Academy, Nanjing

2003  International Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition, Shanxi Provincial Museum, Xi'an

           Transportation of Space, Hong Men Art Gallery, Beijing

           New Experiences of Writing Chinese Characters in the Past Twenty Years, Art Commune, Hong Kong

2002  Jing Ren Zhi Bi Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Show, British Museum, England

          Refuse to be Silent, Beijing

2001  The Dimensions of Chinese Characters---Chinese and Foreign Four-Artist Group Show, Beijing

          Zero Degree Project---Chinese Contemporary Behavior Art & Installation Art, Beijing

2000  International Calligraphy & Literature Show, National Art Museum, Tai Wan

          Eastern Abstract Painting Exhibition, Beijing

1999  Ba Shu Dian Bin 1999 Chengdu---End of Twentieth Century Chinese Contemporary Calligraphy Show, International Expo. Center, Chengdu

          "The Fake Mater" Calligraphy Collection, Taiyuan

           Rong Cheng Diary Solo Exhibition, Taiyuan

1998  Chinese Contemporary Calligraphy Development Strategy Conference Exemplar Show, Gaoyou

          Xin Gan Xian Salon Calligraphy Show, Taiyuan

1997  Yuan Ming Yuan Seven-Artist Group Show, Beijing

1996  Worms-Tickling Chinese Characters Solo Exhibition, Beijing

1995  International Contemporary Calligraphy Bienniale Opening Show, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou

          International Contemporary Calligraphy Masters Invitation Show, Liuzhou

1992  Wei Ligang Calligraphy — Seal Cutting Solo Tour (third tour), Taiyuan

          Japan Qi Yu Calligraphy Group Show, Shanxi

1988  Wei Ligang Calligraphy — Seal Cutting Solo Tour (second tour), Tianjin-Beijing-Taiyuan

1985  Wei Ligang Calligraphy — Seal Cutting Solo Tour (first tour), Tianjin

1983  China Nankai University---Japan Kagawa University Calligraphy Communication Show, Tianjin

Public Collections

Chinese National Museum of Art

British Museum

Swiss Bank

Lehman Brothers Holdings

Boston Museum of Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

He Xiangning Museum of Art

China Red Cross Association

Artron Corporate

Bank of Macao

Buchmann Museum

Hong Kong Art Commune

Xun Yao Chinese Characters Art Museum

Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce 

International Education Foundation

Yi Chang Art Gallery

Rotary International

Today Art Museum

3 Sun Art

Bi Zhen Art Foundation

Chengdu International Exposition Center

The Capital Club

Jackson-Wu Hall

Da Ming Hall


Major Awards

2007  Zhi Kan---Grand Calligraphy Art by Wei Ligang hosted by China National Museum of Art, three collection certificate

2005  Rockefeller Foundation ACC Art Award, Hong Kong Award Ceremony solo exhibition, followed by related art researches in the United States

1999  Curated Ba Shu Dian Bin 1999 Chengdu---End of Twentieth Century Chinese Contemporary Calligraphy Show, Academic Contribution Award

1994  UNICEF Shanxi Project Xi An, the Fen River Adores you Wei Ligang Autobiography,  World Calligraphy & Literature Contribution Award


2007  Zhi Kan, China National Museum of Art

2006  Wei Zhou Armory, Sichuan Publishing Co.

         Contemporary Cutting-Edge Artist---Wei Ligang, Sichuan Publishing Co.

         Calligraphy China---Wei Ligang, China Academy of Fine Arts

2004  Mo Kuai on Tour, He Xiangning Art Museum

2002  Wei Style Mo Kuai, Hongkong Kehua Publishing Co.

1990  Wei Ligang Calligraphy & Seal-Cutting Collection, Shanxin People's Publishing Co.