chang zhifei

SoLo show

2017 being 3 gallery, Beijing, China

2016 ‘Mi modernismo’ in Balboahouse, Barcelona, Spain



Group show

2016  ‘Young Artists in Marocco’, Tanger / Casablanca, Marocco

2016 cultural exchange ‘mutual influence Chinese – European Art(ists), Munich, Germany

2016 “CULT culture” exhibited in BeiWaiTan 111, Shanghai, China

2016 Tiantai gallery, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.

2016 ‘Peinture et dessin de ZhiFei Chang: nouvel art chinois’, Clichy, France

2014 exhibited in The Netherlands Consulate in Chongqing, China

2013 “Huissen” exhibitited in Arnhem, The Netherlands


An ‘experience’ of collectors of my artworks:


2016,  the artwork《wild cat》was bought to collect by the Dutch collector Theo Brok from Barcelona.

2016,  the artwork《flag》and《animals hiding behind human masks 》were bought to collect by Chinese collector Yao Juan.

2016,  the artwork《spirits in an open field》and《twelve chinese zodica signs》 were bought to collect by the Amercian collector Kenneth M. Kozel.

2016,  the artwork 《battle will come》 was bought to collect by the Peruvian artist and collector Maria Lenz.

2015,  the artwork《lady with a blower》was bought to collect by the German collector Sophia Zijlstra.

2015,  the artwork《three origins》was bought to collect by the American collector Kiko Canals.

2014,  the artwork《a dangerous crossing》was collected by Chongqing Technology and Business University, China.

2014,  the artwork《tulip mania》was collected by The Netherlands Consulate in Chongqing.

2014,  the artwork《lovers》was bought to collect by the Dutch collector Alain van Bielert from Amsterdam.

2014,  the artwork 《shanhaijing》 was bought to collect by the Dutch artist and collector Ineke Dimphe Claessens from Arnhem.





2017, presenting at Sixteenth Century Society Conference, ‘Tang Bohu (1470-1524): a paradigm shift in Chinese landscape painting’, Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

2016, presenting on ‘ZhiFei Chang working with Chinese traditional ink painting’, Huissen, Netherlands