Zhang Zhaohui

Zhang Zhaohui,

scholar, writer,and artist based in Beijing   


Born in 1965, Beijing


1988: graduated from Nankai Univesity, Tianjin, Museum Studies in Art History

1992: Graduated from Graduate School of China Art Academy, Beijing, MA degree

1998: Graduated from Bard College, Curatorial Studies in Contemporary Art, New York,MA  degree

2003-2008: Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, Contemporary Art and Culture,PhD program


Fellowship and grant

1996: Asian Cultural Council

1998: Curatorial Studies

2004: Asia Link


Working experience

1988-1995:National Museum of Art, Beijing, assistant curator/curator

1998-2000:He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, direcotr of exhibition section

2001-2002:Xray Art Center, Beijing, founder and director

2002-2005:Asia Arch Archive, Hong Kong, researcher

2005-2009:Joey Art Gallery, director



1988: Solo show, library of Nankai University

1992: Group show of artists affiliated to Cultural Administration. National History Museum, Beijing

1998: Where Heaven and Earth Meet, Bard College, Hessel Art Museum, New York

2001: 0'C Project, Bridge Art Center, Beijing

2002: New Urbanism, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou

2003: Bare Androgyny, 798 Art Compound

2004: Manufactured Happiness, UTS Art Museum, Syndey

2009: Water & Color, Today's Art Museum, Beijing

2009: You & Me, Joey Chang Art, Beijing

2009: Erotic Make Shangdong Oil-painting Gallery, Jinan

2009: 60-70-80 Chinese Contemporary Art Chateau de Tours, France

2009:360 Degree Studio Rouge Shanghai

2009:Fantasy, Sunshine Art Center Beijing

2010:Nord Art Festival, Germany

2010:New Media Art Festival 798, Beijing

2011:Ink-brush Painting from China,Miami Art Fair, USA

2011:Ink-Painting No.1, Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai

2011:10 Ink Painting Artist Story, Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai

2011:10th Pucheon International Performance Festival, Seoul

2011:Origin of Time, Ink Painting Art Museum,Shanghai

2011:10th Open International Performance Art Festival, 800 Art Musuem, Shanghai

2011:New History, 6th Songzhuang Art Festival, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing

2012:Narcissus beyond the Myth, Being 3 Gallery, Beijing

2012:New Chinese Currency, Ethan Cohan Fine Art, New York

2012:Take Out,Varley Gallery of Art, Toronto

2012:Ink Painting Biennale, Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen

2012:Ink Painting from China, Kyoto Art Museum,Japan

2012:Linzhou Ink Painting, Linzhou Art Museum

2012:Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art 2012, Macao Museum of Art

2012:Mind Natural, DYJ Lifestyle Gallery, Beijing

2012:Spirit of Nature, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2012:1st Milan Biennale of China-Italian Art, Milan

2012:Asian Art Festival,Toronto

2013:New Noah’s Ark,DYJ Lifestyle Gallery, Beijing

2013:Because Mountains, Imagine Gallery, Beijing

2013:Spirit of Nature, Hakkokai Gallery, Beijing               

2013:Five Sense, CoArt Festival, Lijiang,Yunnan

2013:Exhibition of New Beijing School’s Contemporary Ink Art, Yida Art collection, Beijing

2013:Light Infinite, Design Art Space, Beijing

2013:  Nord Art Festival, Kunst in der Carlshutte, Budelsdorf, Germany
2013:  East Ink Art, Xihu Museum, Hangzhou, 
2013: Parallel Experiment: Solo Show, Jianxin Art Gallery, Beijing 
 2013:  Play With Ink Brush, Jinan Art Museum, Jinan
2013:  China Ink Painting Biennale, Jiti Art Center, Guangzhou
2013:  National Abstract Art, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou
2013: 1st.China-ASEAN Art Biennale, Asean Square, Nanning
2013 Art Miami, Miami, USA
2014  Takeout, Surrey Art Gallery, Vancouver
 2014:  New Year Group Show, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing
2014:  Ink Light: Solo show, Pennisula Beijing,
2014: Mountain and Water: Solo Show, Fukuowa Asian Art Museum, Fukuowa, Japan