Lan Zhenghui

Lan Zhenghui graduated from Sichuan Academy of Art in 1987, and was a member of the “85 New Art Movement”. He has been working in the realm of contemporary ink painting and calligraphy for nearly 20 years. He began thinking about and discovering the “bodily” or “physical” potential of contemporary calligraphy in 2000. With this he established a new concept that he regards to as “Mian Shu Xie”. In 2006, the artist received funding from the Canadian government and had a solo exhibited at the National Art Museum of China titled “Lan Zhenghui Tiliang Shuimo”.


Lan Zhenghui is adimittedly one of the most influential contemporary Chinese calligraphy artists today. In February 2010, he was invited to the Toronto Art Exposition as the only representative of contemporary Chinese calligraphy, and brought contemporary Chinese ink painting and calligraphy onto the global stage. He then created a grand piece of ink painting “Meng Xiang Zhi Lu” as the artist representative of BMW. “Meng Xing Zhi Lu” was praised as the most powerful ink work in history. The renowned Chinese dancer Huang Doudou, too, participated in the recreation of this piece through multi-media means.



First, I’m seeking something, which go out of the picture, surmount things of the picture finally, through my abstract color paintings. It’s a kind of spirit that I attempt to synthesize my own comprehension, training and talent, run through in my artistic works. This kind of spirit has already surmounted the demarcation line between east and west.

All these is setting-up on my initiative bases. Namely my state is the initiative, subjective “draw” and “brandish”, but not passive “copy” and “ be artificiality”.

So, the young and earnest, frank and free way is the principle that I comply with. With sufficient free, I find I become unanimity with nature, therefore can draw things belong to my own.

Second, this kind of “free” is not laissez-faire and unreason. The aestheticism of another kind of my heart is having an effect at the same time – “rational passion”. This is inner, extraordinary and refined, ideal beauty. This beauty is kind of human nature and virtuous from inner – harmony and compare with the beauty and happiness produced. It is strength, heartbeat, rhythm and beauty of the vitality. So it is extremely easy to be read and infected.  

Third, at tactics, I choose like this wide form, which is similar to “abstract color” of expressionism, to express these kind of thought emotion of mine. Do not tell a story, describe few. Through doing organic alignment of color, explaining the relation, emphasizing the structure, with the getting harder naturally brush stroke and skin texture to produce tension of picture, “it is accidental to create” to use but certainly writing clearly. Do the demand that occupies and exists with energetic “square”, which reflect a beauty of power, a male one, an impressive appearance and earnest.     

Fourth, I believe that good art is “miracle of harmony”, it is a rare “Stroke of Genius”. I hope I can leave with several artistic competitive products through my life – have more influence power and limitless value.